06 February 2011

Shoe #3

Ok, the good news: my surgery on Thursday went well.  I am less one gallbladder with the only complication being that it was hard for me to wake-up from the anesthesia.  Apparently red heads are more susceptible to anesthesia and have a harder time coming around from it.  There's something in our genetic code is what I've been told.  Yay for being a mutant!  Now, can I get some cool powers?  Whenever I dozed off my oxygen levels kept dropping (not alarmingly so, just lower than they should have).  So I stayed in the first phase of recovery a bit longer than is normal.   I got home and was able to climb the stairs to my bedroom and climb into bed ok.  I've spent the past few days sleeping and resting as much as I can.  So far I've managed to get up and down stairs, in and out of a higher bed, walk down to get the mail, and keep down everything I've eaten.  We're going to work on me being able to stand up and sit down unassisted, carry Rowan around a bit more, and see how long I can stretch going without my pain medication.  My father-in-law was kind enough to come out and help us, but he leaves on Wednesday so I need to be at least partially able to help at bedtimes and during the night. 

So now the "fun" part. Shoe #3 Friday, the day after my surgery, Adam got a registered letter from the agency we rent our home from.  The owners are returning.  You know what that means?  Yup, we've got to move.  Thankfully they were nice and gave us 2 months notice instead of the 1 month required by our lease.  Our first thoughts were to look at the 2 homes for sale in our little neighborhood.  See, we really love the community we've grown and become a part of.  People shovel each others walks, help with cars, kids, pets.  We have impromptu dinner picnics and play parking lot soccer.  Adam is the neighborhood bike guy.  The kids are constantly bringing their bikes over to be worked on.  But our finances are so tight right now and we have no down payment.  So sadly, after 2 years of being in this fantastic neighborhood and wonderful home we have to move.  Now we are hunting out rentals that fit our budget and household.  That is NOT easy in this area.  This is further complicated by the fact that we aren't looking to rent right this week or even next.  We could do the start of March and pay rent on 2 places at the same time. That we might be able to eek out of the stone that is our finances.  In the DC area/region though people don't want to rent to you "soon", they want it right away.  So if we hunt now they may pass us up to get someone in sooner.  So do we look and pay the extra money on a home we see that's available now and we like?  Or do we wait and hope something else comes along and not have to spend as much?  Our option is the former.  We'd prefer to have something set and not worry about having a place to go come the end of March.

We had so enjoyed the break from moving.  I guess the housing deities didn't see it fit to grant us much of a reprieve.

You may wonder why we don't stop renting and buy?  Aside from the fact that we don't have much saved we don't know if Adam's job is going to become permanent.  He's on a contract working for the government.  The contract can be renewed endlessly, terminated by budget cuts, or he could get lucky and get hired on permanently.  The only case where we'd feel secure buying is if he got hired on.  We won't know that information until... well... who knows.  So to avoid buying a home only to have to sell and all the "joys" with that we're going to keep renting.  For now.

Sorry for the rambling.  I blame the pain meds with the added stress!

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