16 October 2010

Why oh why did I jump?

I am not someone to jump on the bandwagon.  I have always prided myself on being that fish that's going against the flow.  Everyone around me was getting cell phones.  This was back in the day when a camera on it was high tech.  I thought it was the dumbest thing for someone who is only away from a phone during a 30 minute commute to have a cell phone.  I left work, went to work, and then returned home.  Don't ask me what tipped me to getting a phone.  I can't remember that far back (I'm a mom, I have a hard time remembering what I ate for my last meal).   But I have made sure I have a basic phone- it's so fancy it's got a color screen.  I am sometimes happy I jumped on that bandwagon.  I can make calls anytime anywhere (an important thing when you have precious little time to do so).   I am now being tempted to jump on the iPhone bandwagon.  Must.Resist. When everyone was joining Facebook I rebelled and rallied with "NEVER!" while running down a hill away from the horde of friends sending me invitations to join.  I wanted to connect with my friends and family the old fashioned way, random emails or phone calls saying "gee, I haven't talked to you in how long?  So, what's new with you Dad?".  But then I was offered brownies.  Who can turn down their own batch of homemade brownies that they don't have to make?  So FB looked even better.  Then I realized that both my siblings were on there, and posting pictures of my nephews.  My adorable nephews that I see maybe once a year, if I'm lucky.  So I found out just how cushy and easy the FB bandwagon can be.

So why oh why did I jump on the blog bandwagon?  I find myself with a lot of random thoughts about my life as a mom.  I've found some outlets for them via FFF (Facebook, Forums, Friends).  But some of the randomness is longer and more in depth than the first two are really designed for.  Repeating the same randomness to the later gets a bit tedious and can sometimes bore people.  So.... why not create my very own place for my random, sometimes long winded and rambling, thoughts?  Oh yeah, that whole "I'm a mom and have almost no time for luxuries like blogging".  After thinking it over, and looking at the list of "hey, I should tell someone about this!" notes I've made I decided to, gulp, jump.  My grammar, punctuation, and cohesiveness will vary day-to-day (ok, post to post.  Let's face it, I won't have time each day to post!).  But stick with me and I assure that you'll laugh, cry, blush, and wonder what planet I'm on (I'm not sure half the time!).

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