16 January 2011

Favorite time wasting sites

We've all done it. When up at night with a child, said "not now, mommy is busy", ignored the house during nap time and surfed the net.  Eventually we tire of the same ol' sites we use to waste our time.  I thought I'd fess up and share some of my all time favorites.

Facebook- duh!  Although I no longer allow myself to play games on there.  I will take the occasional silly quiz, but not too often.

http://www.gamesforthebrain.com/ Some of these are so mind numbingly simple that I really don't feel like my brain is getting a work out.  Others I actually have to think on.  Not so good at 3 am with 1 hour of sleep.

www.northmetrodcmommies.com/forum  Ok, so this one is more for the local people.  It's a forum for moms and I LOVE it!  We can share info, tips, sob stories, gripes about family (not that I'd do that) and plan the next events.

http://www.jigsawdoku.com/  My favorite is to do the shapes, 9x9 medium. Then I race to get a better score.  Laptop users take note: get an external mouse, you go much faster with one!

Wikipedia - seriously.  If you ever wanted to know about anything jump on here.  If you want to check the facts, look at the source info and investigate.

www.cuteoverload.com It is just as the name says it is.  An overload of adorable cute critters.  Awwwwww.  Diabetics beware, it can send you into sugar shock.

http://jimspages.com/States.htm A game to see just how quickly and accurately you can place the US states.  You may be surprised at how bad you really are.

http://www.rotten.com/library/ These are quick, simple articles on a ton of stuff.  You can actually, for a brief moment, understand Quantum Physics with these.  Don't believe me?  Read http://www.rotten.com/library/religion/quantum-physics/

http://projectfree.tv/  Grab some headphones and find a whole ton of shows you didn't think you'd get a chance to watch.  Same goes for the free part of http://www.hulu.com/ and www.tvduck.com

Google- check out the maps, and see how close you can get to different things on the satellite or even street views.  Search for family and friends.

Webcomics and graphic novels.  These things are addicting!  I started reading one and noticed ads for other ones.  So I started reading those.  Each time I start a new one I go back to the first comic and catch up.  A few favorites for you to check out: Girl Genius, Girls with slingshots, Devil's Panties (it's not satanic porn), PhD comics (especially good if you've ever dealt with a grad student), Weregeek, Red String, and just recently I discovered Doug Lefler.

StumbleUpon- if you haven't encountered this yet then you are really missing out!  You chose different categories of interest and then click "start stumbling" you are then transported to a new page based on your interests.  You can then click on a thumbs up or down and SU will remember that for both you to reference to to decide if they'll keep it to show others.  Click on Stumble again and away to go to a whole new world of sites.  Warning: you will become addicted to both Stumbling and some of the sites you stumble to.  To me, this is the ultimate of time wasters.  You will stumble onto a site, explore it and possibly click through it for some time, then stumble again.  I have been led to so many game sites with SU.

Travel and house hunting sites.  When you're sleep deprived and already delirious, why not indulge a fantasy or 10?  Look into different trips you could take or houses you could buy if you only had the time and money.  My latest was a 10 day cruise to Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Tickets started at over $14,000.  I'm sure I could raise that much leisure money in another lifetime.

What are some sites you love to waste time on?

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Anyann said...

webcomics: xkcd and nataliedee

oh yes! also love checking out the stuff on http://www.ohdeedoh.com/